Holy Saturday…Waiting

A text conversation between #queenB and me today:

queenB: …whatcha thinking bout?

Me: Thinking about holy Saturday…..thinking about the waiting that everyone did 2000 years ago. waiting on him to return. To show that he really was who he said he was. To show his faithfulness. They waited. They had to wait.

queenB: 🙂 mmm

Me: Yeah…it makes me smile too. Makes me thankful because God knew that Sunday would come. That he would return and prove victory over death. But nobody else knew. They had to wait.

God has been making people wait a long time, but for good reason. And we know now what they didn’t know then. That Sunday comes. That victory is His. That he is who he says he is.

And God knows all of that about our waiting too. Whatever we are waiting on. He knows that the day is coming. It may not hold what we are looking for but it is sure to hold His best plan for us.

So like the people 2000 years ago, we can rest in our waiting. They still observed the sabbath on Holy Saturday….they rested and waited. And knowing what we know, we can rest and wait too.

queenB: girl preach it!

Holy Saturday. They waited. We wait.

I felt a little like I was holding my breath today. Maybe that’s how the people 2000 years ago felt. Like they were holding their breath.

Tonight I’m taking a deep breath though, because tomorrow is Sunday. Tomorrow is resurrection day. The day that would change everything.

I can rest and wait for everything else in my life too. I can breathe deeply because of Sunday. Because He lives. Because He holds the future. My future. He is who He claimed to be. Jesus. Sweet Jesus.

This whole game would be changed if Sunday wouldn’t have happened. But just like you have to have Friday before you can have Sunday, you have to have Saturday too. I’m thankful for this waiting period and time of rest. This Holy Saturday.

Happy Easter everyone!